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Focus Jackdaws

Focus Jackdaws are are scaled down versions of Jackdaws that allow an up close explanation of more specific historical eras and event. They are ideal for enhanced classroom discussions, concentrated group study, and individual student research projects.

Focus Jackdaws include 6-8 primary source documents; an illustrated Broadsheet Essay that provides essential background for document understanding and analysis; a timeline of key events; a reading list for more in-depth study; and critical thinking questions.

When your students need to focus on key historical periods and events, Focus Jackdaws concentrate their attention while making history come alive.

     American History

     Ancient Civilization

     Conflicts & Social Issues




     World History

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Anne Frank's World
Boston Massacre
Boston Tea Party
Brown v. Topeka
Board of Education
Chinese Exlusion Acts:
Cuban Missile Crisis
Dred Scott Decision
Electoral College
Erie Canal
Jamestown Colony
Jim Crow Era
Ku Klux Klan
Lexington & Concord
Louisiana Purchase and Its Legacy
Manifest Destiny
Marco Polo and His Journey to China
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