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Jamestown Colony


As the location of the first elected legislative assembly in what would become the United States, the Jamestown colony established the roots of American democracy. Yet the colony’s pattern of conflict with Native Americans and the development of slavery as a system of labor are legacies that cloud our nation’s history. This well-balanced collection of primary sources documents, which includes Captain John Smith’s Map of Virginia, promotional literature and legislative documents, corres-pondence from an indentured servant, European illustrations of Native Americans and photographs of archaeological artifacts, demonstrates to students the adventurous and idealistic side of colonial life as well as the harsh reality of settlers struggling to survive in the New World. Historian: Robyn Hallowell Griswold. The contents of this Focus Jackdaw feature:

Support Materials

  • Illustrated Broadsheet Essay
  • Timeline
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Recommended Reading List

Historical Documents

  • Captain John Smith’s’ Map of Virginia, published in London, 1624.
  • “Nova Britannia: Offfering Most Excellent Fruites by Planting in Virginia,” 1609.
  • Documents from the Virginia General Assembly, 1619.
  • Broadside listing supplies that colonists should bring to Virginia, 1622.
  • Poster of European images of Native Americans.
  • Letter describing the experiences of an indentured servant, 1623.
  • Poster of archaeological artifacts: Everyday Life in Jamestown.
  • The Declaration of the People, against Sr: Wm: Berkeley, and the present Governors of Virginia, 1676.

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