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This is a Jackdaws®

Hands On Primary Source Documents
A Jackdaw is your personal archive of hands-on primary source materials. They are an array of fascinating, relevant primary source documents delivered directly to you. Most documents are reproduced in their actual sizes for you to touch and explore over and over. Transcripts and translations of difficult to read documents are provided for better understanding. Jackdaw primary sources encourage critical thinking and analysis, and augment retention of information in a variety of interdisciplinary disciplines.


Jackdaws - hands-on history - transport you back in time and make the past come alive. A Jackdaw is a treasure chest of primary source materials. You will read and examine full-size reproductions of actual letters, diaries, telegrams and newspapers, study maps and many other authentically reproduced documents. With Jackdaws, you see and touch the elements of history. Jackdaws take students beyond the textbook approach to history!

Broadsheet Essays
Broadsheets are the historians’ detailed narratives of the topics presented in refreshing journal-like formats. Written in logical sequence, they offer carefully compiled research and background information for studying and evaluating the documents.

Jackdaw timelines provide dates and data that visually guide the way through the topic and position the content in history.

Detailed Notes on Documents
Every Jackdaw contains full descriptions of the documents and their sources. Directly below is an example of a primary source and its descriptive note:

World War II, Document 5
War Production Board (WPB) advertisement showing why and how to conserve fats — Many domestic branches of the government used the media to persuade people to change behaviors. In this advertisement, housewives are urged to save household fat, which was important to the war effort. Note how the two opening illustrations outline the connection between the fighting and everyday behavior. Military History Institute of Carlisle

There is a Jackdaw Study Guide with every Jackdaw portfolio.
Some Teachers Call Our Study Guides "Lesson Plans"


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