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How To Order From Jackdaw

Please review descriptions carefully. Jackdaw products are not returnable.

If you do not want to order online print this order form and fax it to
888-436-4643 or mail it to us. Download Adobe Acrobat.

29 East 21st Street
New York, NY 10010

Tel: 800-237-9932

Fax: 888-436-4643
Can I return my products?
 Please review the descriptions carefully. Jackdaw products are not returnable.
to 888-436-4643.

When will my order arrive?
 Orders are processed within 3 days prior to shipping. All orders are shipped by UPS ground service unless specified otherwise during order check out. If for any reason your order is delayed we will notify you via e-mail.

How much is shipping and handling for U.S. customers?

Order AmountShipping Rate
Less than $60.99   $12
$61.00 - $100.99$14
$101.00 - $230.99$16.50
$231.00 - $349.99$21
Greater than $350.006% of Order

For all orders outside of the U.S., please contact the office custserv@rosenpub.com or 800-237-9932 for shipping rates.

Do I need to add sales tax?
We only apply sales tax if you live in the State of New York.

Do you accept purcase orders?

Yes. School and institutional orders signed by authorized personnel should be submitted in writing or FAXed toll-free to 888-436-4643, with payment due 30 days after receipt of materials. Remittance is required with orders from individuals and private organizations. It is not necessary to mail a confirming order, as this may result in a duplicate order. Please include school telephone numbers on all FAXed orders.

What are the grade levels for your products?
 Each product has the appropriate grade level listed with the description

How can I suggest a new product?
 Please submit this form to suggest a new Jackdaw product.

How do I get a Jackdaw catalog?
Use this form to request a Jackdaw catalog.

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