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Anne Frank's World


Why did Anne Frank and her family flee from Germany to the Netherlands in 1933? Why did the family go into hiding from the German occupiers of the Netherlands in 1942? How did the Frank family and four others survive for two years in a secret annex above Otto Frank's office? Who helped and protected them? And how were they finally discovered by the German police? Through personal narratives, photographs, diary pages and other documents this jackdaw surveys the world outside the secret annex - the fate of Anne's friends; the resistance and deportation of the Jews of Amsterdam; the escape of some; the help of many in the Christian population, the betrayal by others. It follows Anne after her arrest, from the Westerbork camp in Holland, to the death camp Auschwitz, to Bergen-Belsen, where, with her sister Margot, she perished and from where - through her famous diary - she entered world history as the personification of all the Jewish children murdered in the Holocaust and as a universal symbol of the human spirit. Historian: Robert Sugar. Mr. Sugar escaped Nazi persecution on a Kindertransport (Children's Transport) from Vienna to Great Britain. The contents of this Focus jackdaw feature:

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