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The Oregon Trail


Travel the original Oregon Trail with this Jackdaw. The hands-on documents make this historic trip come alive. Students will follow the maps, climb aboard a covered wagon, read writings of fellow travelers, study early photos of famous photographers, and experience daily life on the trail. Above all, students will learn why individuals and families, their ancestors, from the relatively comfortable East endured the trip to the Wild West. Historian: Carol Cohen. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • History of the Oregon Trail
  • Why the Emigrants Went West
  • Leave-taking
  • Life Along the Trail
  • Routes, Landmarks and Trail’s End
Timeline: 1803-1858 Historical Documents
  • John Fremont map, “Road from Missouri to Oregon.”
  • N.Y. Daily Tribune editorial page, July 1843.
  • The Oregon Trail by Francis Parkman, 1849.
  • Missouri River steamboat schedule.
  • Shivelys Guide: Guidebook for emigrants, 1846.
  • Letter from Medoram Crawford, 1845.
  • Diagram of a covered wagon.
  • Patent drawings of wagon odometer, 1848.
  • Ho Westward Ho! sheet music.
  • Remedies for cholera.
  • Horn’s map of Oregon Trail.
  • William Henry Jackson’s photographs.
  • Diary of Elizabeth Dixon Smith.
  • Barlow Road letter.
  • Plat of Oregon City.
  • The Oregon Trail Today, photo essay.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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