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Texas: A Lone Star History


Learn Texas history the interesting, hands-on way through old maps, posters, photographs, diary pages, treaties, letters and other historical sources. Five broadsheets and a timeline trace Texas history from Native Americans and the Explorers to the 20th Century. Students become eyewitnesses to the rich diversity and culture of Texas as they examine the maps, read a personal diary, see how early oilfields actually looked. Historian: Rebecca Spears Schwartz. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Native Americans, Explorers, and the Land
  • Spain and Mexico: 1718–1835
  • The Republic, the Union, and the Confederacy: 1836–1865
  • Reconstruction and Settlement: 1865–1880
  • New Industries, Populations, and Reforms: 1876–1900
  • Texas in the Twentieth Century
Texas Timeline: 1519–1990 Historical Documents
  • De Piñeda map of Gulf of Mexico, 1519.
  • Map of Gulf of Mexico, 1705.
  • Burr map of Texas, 1834.
  • Poster, “Benefit for the Relief of the Texians,” 1836.
  • Travis’s appeal to the “People of Texas and all Americans.”
  • Letter from Santa Anna to Sam Houston, 1836.
  • Seguin’s I.O.U to Navarro, 1837.
  • The Diary of Mary Austin Holley.
  • Handbill, “Texan Universal Pills,” 1838.
  • Treaty of Tehuacana Creek, 1844.
  • Letter from Santa Anna to H. A. McArdle, 1874.
  • Testimony of Susanna Dickenson Hannig, 1876.
  • Poster, “The Discovery of Oil.”
  • Letter from Quanah Parker to Gov. Thomas Campbell, 1909.
  • Poster, Miriam Ferguson’s 1926 campaign for governor, and handbill from opponent Jane McCallum.

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