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The Vikings


The Vikings’ world and their influence is explored and illustrated in this Jackdaw. Through hands-on documents learn about the ships the Vikings traveled in, the life they led, their culture and customs, and the art and traditions they left behind. The archaeological evidence presents a fascinating and colorful picture of these fearless adventurers. Their own sagas relate their history and exploits. Historian: Sylvia Nickels. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

Historical Documents
  • The Vikings, who and why — an introductory broadsheet.
  • The Viking homelands — an illustrated map.
  • Traders and travelers — the Viking world.
  • They come to the British Isles.
  • Viking sites in Britain — a picture sheet.
  • The death of St. Olaf — a full color illumination from the Flateyjarbok.
  • How the Vikings traveled.
  • The Viking home — a reconstruction of Viking life.
  • Beliefs and burials.
  • Viking culture — writing and ornaments.
  • Thralls, karls and jarls — the Viking social structure.
  • Clothes, customs and cleanliness — Viking fashion and behavior.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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