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Shakespeare’s Theatre


The focus of this fascinating Jackdaw is the Elizabethan theater itself ¾ The Globe, the Fortune, the Hope ¾ an inventory of costumes, and a “Property List for the Admiral’s Company in 1598.” Shakespeare is presented in terms of his life story, colleagues and patrons. This Jackdaw is an ideal introduction, or companion, to the study of Shakespeare’s plays. Challenge your students to find lines and scenes in the plays that reflect writing for these theater buildings and for contemporary staging and actors. Historian: Howard Loxton. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Elizabethan Theatre
  • The Chamberlain’s Men and the Globe Theatre
  • The King’s Men and a Private Theatre
  • What was a Performance Like?
Historical Documents
  • A Proclamation against al maner Iterludes.
  • Pages: A Groatsworth of Wit bought with a Million of Repentance.
  • The Revells Booke, Anno: 1605.
  • Pages from First Folio editions, 1623.
  • Contract for building the Fortune Theatre, 1599.
  • Contract for building the Hope Theatre, 1613; transcript.
  • Material for the reconstruction of an Elizabethan theatre.
  • Conjectural model of the Globe Playhouse.
  • Inventory of Costumes.
  • Property list for the Admiral’s Company in 1598.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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