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Wounded Knee Massacre & Ghost Dance Religion


When students realize the plight of the Sioux Nation, as chronicled in this Jackdaw, expect class discussion on the mistreatment of Native Americans, and the consequences of majority oppression of minorities to develop. Seventeen hands-on documents, Broadsheets and a timeline of Indian religious movements give life to this dramatic story. Everyone will find the historic, aftermath photos startling. Historians: Robert J. Stahl, Michael Adessa, Una Mason. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Sioux
  • The Ghost Dance Religion
  • The Massacre: Events & Accounts
  • Aftermath and Survivors
Timeline: Indian Religious Movements, 1680-1889 Historical Documents
  • Maps: Progressive loss of Indian lands, 1780s-1990s.
  • Maps: Reduced size of Great Sioux Reservation, 1868 & 1889.
  • Sioux artist’s sketch of Ghost Dance ceremony, 1890.
  • Agents’ letters and telegram to Commissioner Morgan, Oct. 11, 17, and Nov. 15, 1890.
  • Newspaper accounts of Ghost Dance religion and Wounded Knee events.
  • Sioux artist’s sketch of Sitting Bull’s arrest, Dec. 15, 1890.
  • Rations list distributed to Big Foot’s band, Dec. 29,1890.
  • Sioux artist’s sketch of Wounded Knee before the fighting.
  • Military & newspaper’s diagrams of army and Indian positions.
  • Telegram: Agent Royer to Commissioner Morgan, Dec. 29, 1890.
  • Medical records: Captain Ives’ notes on wounded.
  • Poster: Scenes and individuals connected with Wounded Knee.
  • Survivor Alice War Bonnet’s story, dictated to her son, 1939.
  • Army ballads and songs.
  • Senate Bill: Proposed legislation to compensate Sioux, 1975.
  • Senate resolution: 100th-year anniversary of Wounded Knee, 1990.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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