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French and Indian War


Students will learn the importance of the 150-year contest between Great Britain and France for the domination of North America. The hands-on documents — historical maps, battle plans, contemporary newspaper accounts, officers’ notes — add up to a comprehensive narrative of the war. Students will want to consider how this war, ending with Treaty of Paris boundaries in 1763, shaped the territory for the United States, and determined its language, English, not French. Furthermore, students may consider how this war set the stage for the Revolutionary War as the British taxed the colonies to pay their war debt. Historian: James A. Crutchfield. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Struggle for a Continent
  • Opening Shots
  • The Wilderness War
  • A Give and Take war
  • The Fall of the French in North America
Timeline & Illustrious Personalities Historical Documents
  • Map of eastern North America prior to the war.
  • Photo: eaden plate buried by French engineers, 1749.
  • Page from Christopher Gist’s journal.
  • Page and ad for The Journal of Major Geo. Washington, 1754.
  • British map on deployment of Braddock’s troops, 1775.
  • Proclamation from Conn. Gov. Thomas Fitch, 1758.
  • French plan of Fort Duquesne, 1758.
  • Plan of Fort Ticonderoga, 1759.
  • Introduction to Journals of Maj. Robert Rogers, 1765.
  • Battle plan for the Siege of Quebec, 1759.
  • Illustrations: French and British captains, Battle of Quebec.
  • Newspaper accounts of Battle of Quebec.
  • Map of Eastern No. America after Treaty of Paris of 1763.
  • Note from the Sons of Liberty in reaction to the Stamp Act.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan — Reproducible Activities

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