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The Spanish Inquisition


Historical, hands-on documents help your students explore the attitudes and conditions of the Spanish Inquisition in Europe during the Middle Ages. This Jackdaw discusses a classic example of religious intolerance and abuse of power with terrible consequences for the victims, and it provides a basis for class study on similar instances of abuse throughout history. Historian: John Langdon-Davies. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • What was the Inquisition? 
  • The Spanish Inquisition 
  • How the Spanish Inquisition Worked 
  • Who Were the Victims? 
  • Auto de fe 
  • The Spanish Inquisition and Witchcraft 
Historical Documents
  • A procession to an auto de fe. Engraving.  
  • Description of an auto de fe at Toledo in 1692 with a list of the condemned, includes translation. 
  • The festive auto de fe at Madrid in 1680. Engraving. 
  • Designs for the ritual robes of the condemned. Engravings. 
  • Engravings from Francisco Goya’s Caprichos. 
  • An Edict of Faith issued in Valencia in 1512, includes translation. 
  • A bond, written by a nun, making a pact with the Devil. 
  • The Loyal Martyrs, an English ballad sheet. 
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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