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Money: Denarius to Decimal


The introduction of coins instead of the clumsy system of barter which preceded them was one of the great steps forward in civilization since it made possible much more extensive trading. This Jackdaw shows how the first coins and tokens came into being and the peculiar range of things—shells, knives, and stones—that were used before man had a recognizable coinage. The design, minting—and forging—of coins is traced from the days of Ancient Greece and Rome to Britain's newest decimal issue, and many famous and beautiful coins are reproduced in their original size. The introduction of paper money is explained and facsimiles include notes from China, Confederate money from the time of the American Civil War, and the special Treasury issue of the First World War. There are also special features on the penny, the dollar, Great Britain's new Mint in Wales, and Britain's changeover to the decimal system, which was first suggested, surprisingly enough, by Sir Christopher Wren in 1695. These and other items give an intriguing insight into the history of the coins in your pocket. Historian: Robin Grieve. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Beginnings of Money • The Making of Money
  • The Penny
  • The Change to Decimals
Historical Documents

  • A maps showing the spread of the dollar.
  • De Monetae—an extract from the Exchequer of records of the 13th century laying down the rules for making the new solver coins. 
  • Translation of exhibit 2.
  • Proclamation by Charles II "Making currant His Majesties Farthings and Halfpence of Copper," 1672
  • Extracts from Sir Christopher Wren's Proposall for the introduction of decimal currency, written in 1695.
  • Front page of the Sydney Gazette, October 28th, 1804, showing the currencies of New South Wales.
  • "Apprehension of an Extensive Gang of Coiners"—a 19th century broadsheet.
  • Pages from the Decimal Currency Act, 1967
  • Christopher Ironside's designs for Britain's decimal coins. 
  • Picture sheet of silver coins.
  • Picture sheet of gold coins.
  • Paper money—notes from different countries.

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