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Black Death: The Plague


Dramatic documents will add to your students fascination with this subject. When they see the “Plague Banner” and “Dance of Death” posters, you will have their full attention. Use the Broadsheets to add perspective and understanding of the religious beliefs and historical significance of the bubonic plague in 14th-century Europe. Historian: E.R. Chamberlin, adapted by Muriel L. Dubois. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:


  • The Plague Reaches Europe
  • Trying to Defeat the Plague
  • The Church and the Plague
  • The Rebirth

Timeline: 542-1665

Map: The Path of the Plague, 1347-1350

Historical Documents

  • Illumination from a 15th-century Book of Hours.
  • 14th-century Inquisition Writ.
  • 14th-century report on an Inquisition.
  • The Lübeck “Dance of Death.”
  • Plague banner.
  • Pages from A passing gode lityll boke necessarye & behoveful agenst the Pestilence.
  • Engraving from Johan de Ketham’s “Fasciculo Medicinae.”
  • Two plague crosses.
  • Poster: The Artist as Witness.

Reproducible Student Activities

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