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Faraday and Electricity


The essays, letters, journal entries, magazine articles and circulars in this Jackdaw give students an understanding of both the man and the theories and principles of electro-magnetism. Display the chart of Modern Electrical Developments, study his notebook and his own sketches, and discuss the discoveries and inventions of Michael Faraday as one example of 19th-century science and invention that produced modern life as we know it. Historians: Colin Ronan and Gerald Leach. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Electricity Before Faraday
  • Faraday the Man
  • Faraday and Experiment
  • Electro-magnetism after Faraday
  • The Nature of Electro-magnetism
Historical Documents
  • 18th-century playing card showing a static-electric machine.
  • Letter from Faraday to Benjamin Abbott, 1812.
  • Pages from Faraday’s journal.
  • Pages from Faraday’s notes on his “electric motor” experiment.
  • Announcement for a course of “Juvenile Lectures” by Faraday.
  • Pages from Faraday’s notebook.
  • Extract from the Illustrated London News, 1846.
  • Faraday in his laboratory: painting by Harriet Moore.
  • Modern electrical developments: a chart.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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