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The Balkans: Ethnic Conflict


The difficult subject of ethnic conflict in the Balkans, and the historical and political background of the area are clarified through broadsheets, historical documents, photographs and illustrations. A history of the Ottoman Empire, explanations of such concepts as ethnic cleansing and nationalism, provide understanding of the tragic events that have occurred since the breakup of Yugoslavia. Historians: Norman Itzkowitz & Enid Goldberg. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Nations, Nation-states and Nationalism
  • History of the Balkans through 1918
  • The Ottoman Influence
  • The Balkans After 1918
  • Ethnic Cleansing
Timeline: 540–1995 Historical Documents
  • 16th-century scenes of the Battle of Kosovo.
  • Portrait of Sultan Bayezid I.
  • Excerpt from Serbian folk poem, “The Battle of Kosovo.”
  • Maps of the Ottoman Empire: 1353 and mid-17th century.
  • Excerpt from the Timar Register.
  • 18th-century painting of Ottoman Grand Vizir receiving a foreign ambassador.
  • Maps illustrating the impact of nationalism on Europe.
  • Excerpt from Mazzini’s nationalist oath.
  • Excerpt from Gladstone’s Bulgarian Horrors.
  • Serbian, Russian, British documents on events leading to Congress of Berlin.
  • Documents pertaining to the creation of Yugoslavia.
  • Signatures and seals of the signers of the Treaty of Lausanne.
  • Poster: World War II and the rise of Tito.
  • Map: territorial division of Bosnia-Herzegovina under the Dayton Accords.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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