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The War of 1812


This Jackdaw with its hands-on documents will shed much light on the complicated causes and results of this two-year war; a war between Britain and the United States fought in Canada, on the Great Lakes, at sites along the East Coast around to New Orleans. This war, initiated by the United States, grew from aggravation to armed conflict as the U.S. refused to tolerate constant British intrusions: blockades of European markets, uninvited boarding of American ships, forcing American’s into the British navy, arousing Indians against American settlers, and Western boundary disputes. Students will learn: buildings in Washington, D.C. were burned; and in nearby Baltimore, the “Star-Spangled Banner” was written; General Andrew Jackson, later President Jackson, won the Battle of New Orleans. Replicas of newspaper articles, the Congressional record, politicians’ proclamations, a map of the battlegrounds, and poster of the “Battle of Oueenston Heights” for classroom display tell and illustrate the War of 1812. Historian: Richard Howard. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Collision at Sea 
  • Clash in the Northwest  
  • Peninsular War
  • War for the Lakes  
  • Neptune Rises  
  • Peace
Historical Documents
  • Newspaper pages, New York Spectator, Christmas day, 1811.
  • John Randolph’s anti-war speech to Congress, December 1811.
  • Gen. Wm. Hull’s proclamation to Canadians, July 13, 1812.
  • Montreal Gazette report on fall of Detroit, Sept. 7, 1812.
  • Engraving, Battle of Queenston Heights, Oct. 13, 1812.
  • Kingston Gazette report on summer raid at York, Aug. 10, 1813.
  • Army $3.00 bill of exchange, March 1814.
  • Artist’s painting imagining “The Capture of City of Washington,” 1815.
  • Broadside: “Glorious News from New Orleans,” February 1815.
  • Map of theatre or war in America, 1811-15.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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