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California Gold Rush 1849


The color and excitement of the Gold Rush is captured in the “Mining Methods” poster, “The Miners Ten Commandments,” the “Bill of Fare” menu of the day, and even more in the photo of empty ships moored in San Francisco harbor. Where did the sailors go? Plenty to think and talk about here. The Broadsheets describe the discovery, and the travel by land and sea to reach the gold country, while the 11 hands-on documents give students the feeling of being a “Forty-Niner” right there in gold territory. Historian: Andrew Bronin. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Discovery
  • Forty-Niners
  • To Califomia by Sea
  • To California by Land
  • San Francisco
  • Self-determination: The Spirit of ‘49
Historical Documents
  • Map of Emigrant Road Accompaniment, 1849.
  • A Gold Rush Bill of Fare, 1849.
  • “The Miner’s Ten Commandments:” a poster, 1849.
  • Harper’s Weekly, October 3, 1857.
  • The Placer Times, April 28, 1849.
  • New York Herald, February 16, 1849.
  • Page from President James K. Polk’s diary, December 7, 1848.
  • Map of the Gold Regions of California, 1849.
  • Sheet Music for Stephen Foster’s “Oh! Susanna,” 1848.
  • “Mining Methods:” a poster.
  • Panoramic daguerreotype of San Francisco harbor during the Gold Rush.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan– Reproducible Activities

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