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Mountain Men & the Fur Trade


This Jackdaw is ideal for teaching westward expansion and, importantly, its impact on the American economy. The true story of the colorful, fur trapping “mountain men” will introduce this group of adventurers and entrepreneurs your students. For nearly forty years, “mountain men” survived, trapped and explored the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains, long before soldiers, settlers and cowboys. Hands-on posters include two paintings of the annual rendezvous between trappers, buyers and Indians, and drawings and descriptions of trappers’ equipment and weapons. Historian: James A. Crutchfield. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Mountain Men
  • The Rendezvous
  • Fur Posts & Forts
  • Equipment of the Mountain Man
Timeline & Illustrious Personalities Historical Documents
  • Map of U.S. during mountain men era, 1836.
  • Poster with illustrations of beaver trapping and hat making.
  • Gen. Ashley’s ad that helped start the “rendezvous system.”
  • Trader’s license issued to Gen. Ashley, April 1822.
  • Keelboat drawing from Davy Crockett’s Almanac, 1838.
  • Drawing of Indian attack on fur trader’s keelboat, 1823.
  • A. J. Miller paintings of the 1837 “Rendezvous.”
  • Drawings and descriptions of mountain men’s weapons.
  • Poster: illustrations of forts and fur posts.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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