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Archaeology and Slave Life at Mount Vernon


History and science students will learn about both colonial times and the science and art of archaeology with this specially prepared Jackdaw. Students should realize that George Washington’s Mount Vernon was home to over 300 slaves. Extensive archaeological research has revealed detailed information about the daily lives of the slaves on Washington’s estate. Using old maps and letters, a ship’s invoice, census record, slave ad, and actual, on-site archaeological findings, students will study not only about 18th-century Mount Vernon, but many other places like it in colonial America. Featured, in addition to the hands-on historical documents, is a comprehensive lesson on how archaeology is accomplished. Three copies — enough for class groups — of a large, full-color poster display artifacts from Mount Vernon; accompanying reproducible, hands-on activities help students learn about and become involved in archaeology methods. Historians: Nancy Hayward, Amy Shook, Esther White. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

Reproducible Student Readings & Activities
  • George Washington the Farmer
  • Slave Life at Mount Vernon
  • Educational Story: A Day at Mount Vernon
  • Archaeology at Mount Vernon with Archaeology Terms
  • Student Activities Pamphlet with Activity Terms
Historical Maps
  • The Vaughan Plan, drawn by Samuel Vaughan, 1787
  • The Five Farms, surveyed and drawn by George Washington, 1793
Historical Documents
  • Maryland Gazette, August 20, 1761
  • Invoice from the Nautilus, April 1763
  • Letter to farm manager Pearce from Washington, June 1795
  • Slave Census, 1799
Archaeology in Action: Artifact Assemblages
  • Poster with full-color photos of seven assemblages of 47 artifacts with identification keys. There are three copies of the poster included in the Jackdaw to facilitate group use.
Teacher’s Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities with Answer Key

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