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Newton and Gravitation


Students may have some awareness of Sir Isaac Newton and the law of gravity but probably no conception of his total scientific contributions. Introduce this universal genius to your classes through pages from his account book, a drawing of his reflecting telescope, a sketch of his prism experiment, a portrait of Newton, and a 1708 map of the universe to add contemporary perspective. Historians: Colin Ronan and Gerald Leach. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • How Do Bodies Move and Fall?
  • Newton’s Synthesis
  • The Principia
  • Newton’s Influence
  • Newton the Man
Historical Documents
  • Map of the universe, 1708.
  • Portrait of Sir Isaac Newton.
  • Pages from Newton’s account book.
  • Letter from Newton to Edward Halley.
  • Drawing of Newton’s first reflecting telescope.
  • Newton’s sketch of his prism experiment.
  • Newton’s Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica.
  • Newton’s synthesis of the laws of motion.
  • Chart from Fortin’s Atlas.
  • Sealed envelope.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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