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The Emerging Nation: America 1783-1790


This Jackdaw gives students an understanding of the diplomacy involved in making the Treaty of Paris and an awareness of the many problems faced by our new nation: the question of slavery, the conflict with Native Americans over land, and continuing violations of the Treaty provisions by both Britain and the U.S. The Treaty of Paris in this Jackdaw is an exact reproduction. Thirteen more hands-on documents — maps, treaties and letters to and from George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and others — bring to life this era of Indian wars, Barbary pirates and foreign hostilities. Editor: Mary A. Giunta, compiler: Burt Knauft. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Impact of Treaty of 1783 on Slaves in U.S.
  • Whose Land? Treaties with the Indians
  • Barbary Pirates: Threat to U.S. Commerce on the Seas
Timeline: 1755-1790 Historical Documents
  • Treaty of Paris, 1783.
  • Mitchell Map I of Emerging Nation, 1783.
  • Mitchell Map II, 1783, redline version.
  • Letter, Gen. Washington to Guy Carleton, 1783.
  • Letter, Guy Carleton to Gen. Washington, 1783.
  • Inspection Roll of Negroes, 1783.
  • Map, Indian nations north of Ohio River, 1780s.
  • Treaty of Fort McIntosh, 1785.
  • Letter, John Adams to John Jay, 1785.
  • Letter, John Jay to Thomas Jefferson, 1786.
  • Map, Mediterranean Sea and Barbary States, 1780s.
  • Letter, Richard O’Bryen to Thomas Jefferson, 1785.
  • Resolution on redeeming captives in Algiers, 1787.
  • Letter, Thomas Jefferson to John Jay, 1787.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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