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Indians of North America


Your students will gain a positive image of North American Indian culture and achievements and greater awareness of their historic mistreatment through the colorful contents of this Jackdaw. Hands-on exhibits — pictures of famous chiefs; a map of tribe locations; religious, cultural and domestic displays; even uncovered Indian myths and secrets — will help students define the usually vague conception of “Indians,” and form an appreciation for Indian peoples and their societies. Historian: Marigold Coleman. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

Historical Exhibits
  • Map of North America showing best known tribes.
  • Notes on the tribes.
  • Famous Indian chiefs — a picture sheet.
  • The religion of the Indian.
  • Indian myths.
  • Ceremonial masks, with instructions on how to make one.
  • “Hunting the Buffalo” — by Indian artist Blackbear Bosin.
  • Indian houses.
  • Indian art / a picture sheet.
  • Hopi petition to government, 1894, with totemic symbols.
  • How to do it: Indian secrets and methods.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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