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Drake and the Golden Hinde


This Jackdaw recounts Drake’s life from his youth sailing on Henry VIII’s ships, through his flamboyant naval career to his death from dysentery in 1596. Hands-on documents bring Drake’s voyages alive — plans of galleons, nautical charts and routes of the “sea dogs,” and a replica of Drake’s 1579 brass plate found, amazingly, in San Francisco in the 1930s. Then there’s all about life aboard the Golden Hinde, and the fears and superstitions of 16th-century seamen. The defeat of the Spanish Armada is shown on a full-color poster. Finally, learn about building and sailing a modern-day Golden Hinde. Historian: Robert Lacey. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

Historical Documents
  • Sir Francis Drake — the man.
  • Drake’s men o’war: how the galleons were built.
  • The Golden Hinde reborn.
  • The World as it was imagined before Drake sailed around it.
  • Perils of the deep: the sea-monsters Drake’s seamen feared.
  • Life on board.
  • Plan for Drake’s voyage of 1577 and part of the treasure list on return in 1580.
  • Drake’s circumnavigation depicted on a contemporary map.
  • Francis Drake, empire builder: Drake’s plate of brass.
  • “The Master Thief of the Unknown World.” Drake’s backers and colleagues, and a modern map comparing his voyage to those of Magellan and Cavendish.
  • “Singeing the King of Spain’s beard.” Chart Drake used when he raided Cadiz in 1587, pictures of the Spanish Armada.
Study Guide / Lesson Plans – Reproducible Activities

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