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Tutankhamun & the
Discovery of the Tomb



This Jackdaw traces the story of the excavation, illustrating Howard Carter’s work as an archaeologist and the enormous public interest in the discovery of the tomb. Through pictures — both full-color and black and white — drawings, and a hands-on model, it shows the treasures buried with the young pharaoh, and the fabulous golden shrine and coffins in which the mummy of Tutankhamun lay in its blackened bandages. A wealth of contemporary illustrations brings to life the ancient world in which the mysterious young pharaoh lived and died. Historian: Magnus Magnusson. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Gift of the Nile  
  • Who was Tutankhamun?    
  • Burying a Pharaoh   
  • Finding the Tomb 
Historical Documents
  • The gold-plated back panel from Tutankhamun’s throne showing the young pharaoh with his wife — printed in full-color. 
  • Page from the News of the World, April 8, 1923, reporting the death in Egypt of Lord Carnarvon. 
  • Letter from Howard Carter from his Egyptian foreman. 
  • Two of the index cards prepared by Carter with notes and drawings of the items in the tomb. 
  • A colorful picture sheet showing some of the Tutankhamun treasures. 
  • The work of an archaeologist — a picture strip showing how Carter unpacked the tomb. 
  • The wall painting from the burial chamber — printed in color. 
  • A working model of the outer shrine printed in metallic colors and ready to build. 
  • A page — printed in color — from the papyrus of Ani relating to the Egyptians’ beliefs about death. 
  • The people of Egypt — a picture strip. 
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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