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The Coming of War: 1939


Hitler’s rise to power, England’s failed attempt at appease-ment and other important events leading to World War II in September 1939, are portrayed and analyzed in this powerful Jackdaw. Hands-on maps, photos, official German and British documents, and broadsheets trace Hitler’s ominous rise to power and the inevitable steps to war. Historian: Martin Gilbert. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Hitler’s Rise to Power
  • Europe Watches Germany
  • The Road to Munich
  • Last Steps to War
Historical Documents
  • Maps illustrating the relationship of Germany to the rest of Europe, 1919-39.
  • A confidential report describing the meeting in May 1933 between Sir Horace Rumbold and Adolf Hitler.
  • A booklet of pictures and quotations illustrating the spread of fascism and Hitler’s rise to power.
  • The certificate, signed by Hitler, which accompanied the medal awarded to the British diplomat, Basil Newton, in commemoration of the Olympic Games held in Berlin in 1936.
  • A handbill advertising a Mosley meeting which was handed to Randolph Churchill as he came out of a theater.
  • Front page of the News Chronicle, September 15, 1939, announcing Chamberlain’s departure for Munich.
  • Statement signed by Chamberlain and Hitler, September 30, 1938.
  • A page of the Evening Standard, October 1, 1939, reporting Duff Cooper’s resignation from the Government.
  • A poster announcing the provision of gas helmets for babies.
  • Minute of the Cabinet meeting held on September 2, 1939, at which it was decided to issue an ultimatum to Hitler.
  • Front page of the Daily Herald, September 4, 1939, announcing the outbreak of war.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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