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Daily Life in the Roman World:
Shopping, Cooking, Praying



Students are going to step right into ancient Roman civilization as they study and enjoy these extra-large — 17”x 22” glossy, black & white — photos of the unique wonders of the Roman world. They will find that the Roman Forum was considered the epicenter of the world, that ingenious Roman architecture led the way for modern-day structures, and that the Romans’ pattern of daily life was not so unlike ours today. The portraits of famous players in the Roman political world introduce students to these leaders and tyrants who shaped the ancient world. These large-size photo-posters are ideal for individuals, students working in groups and for classroom-wall displays. Here is magnificent, ancient Rome at your fingertips.

  • Pompeii — Street of Abundance,Via dell’ Abbondanza
  • Herculaneum — Wine Merchant’s Shop
  • Herculaneum — Kitchen, Stove and Cooking Utensils
  • Herculaneum — Lararium in garden of House of Mosaic Atrium

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