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Early Flights: Wright Brothers to World War I


Jackdaw Photo Collections each consist of twelve, extra-large, 17" x 22", black-and-white photographs illustrating an important historical subject. The photos are printed on glossy, heavy-duty stock ready to be easily displayed in classrooms, libraries, hallways and offices. Each photograph in a collection is truly thought-provoking and directly involves the viewer. A detailed caption fully describes each photo and its source. Each Photo Collection includes an easy-to-use, open-ended, photo-analysis worksheet that may be reproduced for every student. With the help of this worksheet, students really get into the photos and see interesting things they otherwise might have missed. Each Photo Collection comes ready-to-use for a highly memorable experience.

  1. Wright Brothers’ Glider, 1902/3
  2. First Powered Flight, 1903
  3. France, 1908
  4. Glenn Curtiss, 1908
  5. Belmont Park, 1910
  6. Stunt Flying, 1911
  7. Harriet Quimby, 1911
  8. Ormer Locklear, 1910s
  9. Glenn Martin, 1912
  10. Airmail, 1918
  11. Frank Luke, 1918
  12. Eddie Rickenbacker, 1918

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