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Panama Canal: Building the
8th Wonder of the World



Through the use of hands-on historical documents — many photographs, old newspapers, treaties, telegrams, letters, health records and maps — this Jackdaw explores the trials and tribulations of building the Panama Canal and why it still so important today. The Broadsheets and documents address the problems presented by landslides, mechanical failures, yellow fever and malaria, revolution and political intrigue. The fascinating maps and photos will intrigue and impress your students. Historian: Robert Stahl and Ken deMasi. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Where Should the Passage Between the Oceans Go?
  • Theodore Roosevelt Champions the U.S.
  • Conquering Diseases: Yellow Fever, Malaria, and Typhoid
  • Multiple Perspectives on the Canal
Timeline: 1500s to 2000 Historical Documents
  • Map of canal route from Rear Admiral Davis, c. 1880s.
  • Map showing route of the Costa Rica Company for road or railroad, 1849-50.
  • Colombian map showing topography, 1878.
  • Map from surveying expedition in 1876-77.
  • 1892 map of Central America and Caribbean.
  • Map from 1899 showing Darien Route, Colombia.
  • 1906 map of the proposed canal route.
  • Blueprint showing the Empire Suspension Bridge over Canal opened on July 31, 1909.
  • Ship docket/bill of lading.
  • Ship’s list showing workers and their origins.
  • Personal letters, telegrams, other correspondence.
  • Newspaper articles regarding public argument about location.
  • Ledger showing injuries during construction.
  • Document from health records regarding malarial infection.
  • Original postcards showing life from 1903 through 1933 in the Canal Zone.
  • Flyer listing costs and times for sailing from New York to San Francisco.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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