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Slavery Theme-Poster Set


Jackdaws has created a new addition to its primary source collections: theme-poster sets. Each set contains four posters that appeared as centerfold pages in leading publications during an important historical period. The 140th anniversary of the American Civil War arrives in 2001. To help focus on this event there are two, new theme-poster sets: Abraham Lincoln and Slavery.

Each theme-poster set contains 4 large, 17 x 22 inch, classroom-size posters. These have been reproduced, actual size, from Harper’s Weekly and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper. Each poster includes its original caption, plus an article from the publication which details the event’s historical importance and impact. The theme-poster sets provide students and teachers with a unique insight into political, social and economic events of the period. The theme-poster sets feature:

  • “Stampede among the Negroes in Virginia — their arrival at Fortress Monroe.”
  • “Our cotton campaign in South Carolina — gathering, ginning, packing and shipping the cotton crops...”
  • “The Emancipation of the Negroes, January 1863 — the past and the future.”
  • “Exciting scene in the House of Representatives, Jan. 31, 1865, on the announcement of the passage of the amendment to the Constitution abolishing slavery for ever.”

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