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Political Parties in America


Most students will be surprised to learn that the modern U.S. two party political system did not always exist and that our Constitution makes no provision for political parties. Hands-on historical documents, newspapers, broadsides, campaign posters and photos trace the issues, growth and changes in American politics. Scenes from the 19th-century campaign trail and two collections of political cartoons enliven this topic. Documents concerning Nixon, JFK and Reagan update this Jackdaw. Historian: Christine Scriabine. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Political Parties before the Civil War
  • The Modern Democratic Party
  • The Republican Party
  • Third Parties
Political Parties Timeline: 1798-1968 Historical Documents
  • Selections from Journal of William Maclay, United States Senator from Pennsylvania, 1789-1791.
  • Letter from Robert McMullen, Chairman of the Democratic Republican Committee, 1808.
  • Tally of the 1824 Electoral College vote.
  • Campaign newspaper, The Harrisonian, August 1840.
  • Democratic broadside, Fourth Massachusetts Congressional District, c. 1852.
  • Scenes from the 19th century campaign trail.
  • Examiner’s questions for admittance to the American (Know-Nothing) Party, July 1854.
  • Scrapbook of 19th century political cartoons.
  • Excerpts from Horse Sense, by Samuel W. Allerton, 1896.
  • Building a third party: the Progressive Party, 1912.
  • Campaign broadside targeted at women voters, 1924.
  • The New Deal in cartoons, 1933-1944.
  • Draft of John F. Kennedy campaign address, “Why I Am a Democrat,” October 1946.
  • Scenes from the 20th century campaign trail.
  • Richard M. Nixon resignation letter, August 1974, and memo to Watergate Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski, August 1974.
  • Excerpt, Ronald Reagan’s welcoming speech, Republican National Convention, New Orleans, August 1988.
  • Poster of American political party memorabilia, 1844-1980.
  • Abraham Lincoln and Hannibal Hamlin campaign poster, 1860.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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