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Civil War: Cartoon History: 1860-1865 Six Part Series


Renewed emphasis in reading comprehension and primary source analysis makes this specially designed, six-part Jackdaw series ideal for both students and teachers. Each part of the series contains 12 large, classroom-size, 17 x 22 inch, posters of key political cartoons that detail five major events during a specific year of the Civil War. The cartoons are reproduced exactly as they appeared in Harper’s Weekly Magazine and Frank Leslie’s Illustrated with their original captions, plus authors’ descriptions of their historic significance. Teachers and students will benefit from this unique collection of primary source, historical cartoons which are augmented by comprehensive Broadsheet essays furnishing background information.

There is no need for extra equipment, or source material, since there is a 20-page study guide, which includes five Broadsheet essays, lesson plans and reproducible student activities, for each part of the series.

The cartoons have been proven in the classroom to arouse students’ interest and increase their historical insight through use of this intriguing media form. Each cartoon provides teachers with an extremely useful tool for both written and verbal classroom activities. The series details major political, economic, social, diplomatic and military events of the Civil War, as well as highlighting important personalities of the period. The topics are ideal for middle school and high school, for example, John Brown’s raid at Harper’s Ferry, the election of 1860, the Emancipation Proclamation, 13th Amendment, the Maximillian Affair, and Lincoln’s Assassination.

Civil War Cartoon History Series all six parts, 72 cartoons

Price: $200.50



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