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Spanish-American War


Create classroom excitement with hands-on-history documents on the mysterious explosion and sinking of the battleship Maine and Teddy Roosevelt’s colorful “Rough Riders.” The concepts and practice of “Yellow journalism,” and “Imperialism” will be made apparent to your class through the Broadsheets and documents. Students will learn about the war’s campaigns, and the U.S. acquisition of Guam, Puerto Rico and the Philippine Islands. Old photos and historical documents amply illustrate this historic event, once known as “a nice little war.” Historian: James A. Crutchfield. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • “Remember the Maine”
  • The Battle for the Philippine Islands
  • The Cuban Campaign.
  • The “Rough Riders”
Timeline: January 17-December 10, 1898 Historical Documents
  • Goff’s Historical Map of the Spanish-American War in the West Indies, 1898.
  • Strategic Map of Our War with Spain, 1898.
  • Theodore Roosevelt Letter to Colonel Frank Greene, January 13, 1898.
  • Copy of Theodore Roosevelt Cablegram to Commodore George Dewy, February 26, 1898.
  • Declaration of War with Spain, April 25, 1898.
  • Cover of Sheet Music for “We’ll Stand by the Flag,” 1898.
  • Page 1 and 2 of the Atlanta Constitution, May 2, 1898.
  • Political Cartoons of the Spanish-American War.
  • Photo Poster: The War in Cuba.
  • Map of the San Juan Battlefield.
  • “Sergeant-Major Pullen of the 25th Infantry Describes the Conduct of the Negro Soldiers Around El Caney,” 1899.
  • Discharge Papers of Private Pleasant Abel Creswell, October 31, 1898.
  • Tables Showing Strength of Volunteer Forces and Losses from All Causes.
  • Illustrations Showing Insignia and Equipment Worn by American Troops.
  • Excerpt from an Anti-Imperialism Speech by William Jennings Bryan, February 22, 1899.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities and Response Key

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