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Cooperative Learning BasicsStrategies and Lessons for U.S. History Teachers


Use cooperative learning techniques immediately. Chronologically organized, the activities span the entire scope of U.S. History. You will become familiar with the fundamentals of collaboration. You may create activities using the lessons as models. The chapters are clearly written and easy to follow; here is what you’ll learn and use . . .

The Benefits of Cooperative Learning

You will understand the definition of cooperative learning and learn about the benefits of classroom cooperation such as: increased self-esteem, higher academic achievement, heightened respect for others, and social skills for the future.

The Core Elements of Cooperative Learning

You will become fully knowledgeable with the core elements of every successful collaborative activity — Social Skills, Individual Accountability, Notable Interdependence, Group Goals and Group Processing.

The Structures of Cooperative Learning

You will become acquainted with widely used coop-erative learning structures and the five core elements: Jigsaw, Group Investigation, Numbered Heads Together, Think-Pair-Share, Round robin ,Three Step Interview, Corners and Pairs Check.

23 Classroom-ready Lessons

These activities illustrate how to use the structures in your classroom. Each lesson has its own rationale, time frame and objectives. The lessons include step-by-step procedures, assessment suggestions, and facsimiles of worksheets for the activities. Each lesson comes with hints to deal with situations you may encounter: absenteeism, choosing groups, grading, unmotivated students.


Once you are familiar with the basics and use the ready-made lessons and models, you will be able to create your own cooperative learning activities. To aid you, there is an annotated bibliography of cooperative learning literature.

In Class with the Authors: Cooperative learning is regularly practiced by the authors, Robyn Hallowell Griswold and Audrey Green Rogers at a large high school, and in workshops and seminars they present for other educators.

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