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Picture the Middle Ages


Picture the Middle Ages is an activity-based resource book for upper elementary and middle school teachers interested in creating a social studies or language arts unit on the Middle Ages.

Picture the Middle Ages is a valuable tool that can be used year after year. Its reproducible masters can be duplicated as often as needed, and its solid binding and heavy paper make it a long-lasting addition to every teacher’s bookshelf.

Clearly Organized, Easy-to-use

This easy-to-use resource book is organized around a poster depicting four major population centers in the Middle Ages: the town, the castle, the monastery and the manor farm.

A large, pullout poster is included with the resource book — to color and hang in the classroom, or to enlarge further with a copier and use for several suggested learning activities. What’s more, a second copy of the poster is bound in the book and keyed to the descriptive text.

Thirteen Stimulating Chapters
  • A Picture of the Medieval World with Keyed Poster
  • The Middle Ages: Historic View
  • The Town: Craftsmen & Guilds
  • The Castle: Lords & Ladies, Knights & Chivalry
  • Heraldry & Coats of Arms
  • The Monastery: Monks & Nuns
  • The Manor: Farming, Food & Feasting
  • Making Costumes and Armor
  • Music & Dance
  • Artists & Art
  • Literature
  • A Medieval Festival
  • Timeline, Activities & Reading List
Engrossing Reproducible Activities
  • Costume Patterns
  • People & Possessions
  • Helmet & Breastplate Pattern
  • Shield Pattern
  • Travelers & Destination Map
  • Heraldic Coats of Arms
  • Food Lists & Recipes
  • Craftsmen’s Guild Signs
  • Grocery Bag Castle Designs
  • Maze & Timeline
A Complete Middle Ages Resource

Picture the Middle Ages is self-explanatory. No other information about this period of history is needed. Historic facts and examples are provided so classes can discuss matters of continuing importance and interest in the social studies. Stories and poems from the period are presented in modern English and may serve as inspiration for creative language exercises. A blank map is shown, and then filled in with the routes and destinations of various travelers — merchants, Crusaders, pilgrims and students. Medieval paintings, stained glass and sculpture are displayed with suggestions for art activities. Words and music for songs and group dances are also included.

Picture the Middle Ages is self-contained. Teachers need no additional material to complete a successful and exciting unit on the period. . . . one which may culminate in a medieval feast with costumes, decorations, recipes and entertainment!

Picture the Middle Ages — 162 pages overall including 56 pages with illustrations, photos, patterns, games, music, and reproducible masters; plus large, pullout timeline and poster

Picture the Middle Ages was produced for the Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester, Mass. It was written by Linda Honan based on a poster created and drawn by Ellen Kosmer. The Music & Dance chapter is by Karen Hastie-Wilson.

Price: $39.50



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