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Wolfe at Quebec


In 1759, a 15-minute battle ended a 10-week siege and won Quebec and Canada for Britain. Personal and official documents tell the story of the daring assault which led to the capture of this key citadel. The heroic exploits of James Wolfe, and his character, are revealed in hands-on documents and in the Broadsheets. Students may “read all about it” in the replica newspapers, plus enjoy the interesting public notices and ads from 1759. A historical map place students at the site and the drawings help them recognize the combatants. Historian: Richard Howard. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • The Challenge of Quebec
  • James Wolfe
  • Redcoats and Whitecoats
  • French and Canadians
  • The Siege
  • The Fall of Canada
Historical Documents
  • Water color of James Wolfe by George Townshend, 1759.
  • Letter from Wolfe to friend Captain Parr, Jan. 24, 1758.
  • Map of the location of Quebec, with a view of the town and drawings of Indian, British and French uniforms.
  • Memo from Wolfe to his Brigadiers, Aug. 29, 1759, from the Murray Papers.
  • Brigadiers’ reply to Wolfe, Aug. 29, 1759, from the Chatham Papers.
  • Public Advertiser, Oct. 17, 1759.
  • “The Taking of Quebec,” colored engraving by J. & C. Bowles.
  • Public Advertiser, Oct. 19, 1759.
  • Message from William Pitt to the Duke of Newcastle with news from Quebec, Oct. 16, 1759.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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