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The Great Irish Potato Famine


This Jackdaw chronicles the causes and catastrophic effects of the Great Irish Potato Famine of 1845-50 - which resulted in millions of Irish deaths and forced millions more to emigrate to England, the United States, and Canada - through primary source documents that include a first-hand report of pre-famine living conditions; a letter pleading for aid; British, Irish, and American newspaper accounts of the unfolding tragedy; and gripping contemporary illustrations. An illustrated Broadsheet Essay provides essential background to facilitate document analysis and understanding.

Focus Jackdaws are specifically designed to stimulate interest in key historical eras and events and link the past with the present. They are ideal for enhanced classroom discussions, concentrated group study, and individual student research projects. Authentically reproduced documents help students understand the significance of primary source materials while they expand critical thinking and analysis skills.

Support Materials
  • Illustrated Broadsheet Essay
  • Timeline
  • Critical Thinking Questions
  • Recommended Reading List
Primary Source Documents
  1. Excerpt from Letters On The Condition Of The People Of Ireland. 1846.
  2. Letter from Benj Morris Wall, Mayor ofWaterford on behalf of the Poor Law Guardians, November 12, 1845.
  3. Selections from The Nation, 1847.
  4. Views from Punch, a London humor magazine, 1846-7.
  5. Graphic views of Ireland's misery - Illustrations from The Illustrated London News, 1849-1850.
  6. A view from the United States - Articles from the Palladium, a Whig paper in New Haven, Connecticut, 1847.
  7. Photo album: scenes of emigration and immigration.

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