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California State History


Grades 4–5

Introduce your students to the rich heritage of California — from pre-history to the 100th anniversary of statehood — with this exciting Jackdaw. Students will learn about California’s Native Americans, its early years as a Spanish territory, how it became a state and its ethnic, cultural, agricultural and industrial diversity by holding and reading primary sources that include broadsides; maps; official Spanish, Mexican and state documents; photographs and the first Bear Flag. Historian: Benjamin F. Gilbert, adapted by Muriel L. Dubois and Janet Morrissey. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • California: The Land and Early People
  • The Spanish in California
  • The Period of Mexican Rule
  • Gold!
  • One Hundred Years of Statehood

Timeline: Prehistory – 1950

California Native American Tribal Groups Map

Overland Routes to California Map

California Missions, Presidios and Pueblos Map

Historical Documents

  • The Drake plate of brass, 1579.
  • Map of California as an island, about 1650.
  • Statement of provisions, tools, religious items and other supplies for the Spanish expedition to San Diego and Monterey, 1769.
  • Map of Rancho San Miguel, Sonoma County, c. 1840.
  • Excerpt from The Emigrants’ Guide to Oregon and California, by Lansford W. Hastings, 1845.
  • Reproduction of the original Bear Flag raised over Sonoma, June 14, 1846.
  • Articles 1-6 of the first Constitution of the State of California, handwritten in English and Spanish, 1849.
  • California Emigration Society broadside, 1849.
  • Hutchings’ pictorial lettersheet: “Methods of Mining,” about 1855.
  • California Indian scenes, from Hutchings’ pictorial lettersheet,1854, and Hutchings’ California Magazine, 1859.
  • Central Pacific Railroad emigrant railway ticket, Chicago to San Francisco, c. 1870.
  • “Regular Workingmen’s Ticket,” an anti-Chinese election broadside, 1878.
  • “Unique Map of California,” 1888.
  • Proclamation by the Mayor of San Francisco, April 18, 1906.
  • Photo-poster: Migrants and Immigrants – From the Gold Rush to World War II.
  • Photo-poster: Japanese-American Internment Camps.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities

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