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New York State History


Students will learn about New York’s early years as a Dutch and then a British colony; its pivotal role in both the American and Industrial Revolutions; and they will meet many of the state’s famous sons and daughters, who helped make New York the Empire State. Explore New York history with a replica report of the purchase of Manhattan, George Washington’s evacuation order, early illustrations and photos of the Erie Canal, a poster offering $10,000 reward for “Boss” Tweed, a photo album on building the Empire State Building, and a full-color, classroom poster of Uncle Sam painted by New Yorker James Flagg during WW I.

New York State History is written expressly for 4th grade-level readers. It features ready-to-use, hands-on primary source documents, most in their original sizes, and reproducible Broadsheets, which provide historical background for understanding the documents. Historian: Andrew Bronin, adapted by Muriel L. Dubois and Janet Morrissey. The contents of this Jackdaw feature:

  • Native Americans and Explorers
  • New York as a Colony
  • New York Becomes a State
  • New York in the 1800s
  • New York’s First 50 Years in the 20th Century
New York State History Timeline: Prehistory-1952 List of Governors: 1777-Present Historical Documents
  • The first known map of New Amsterdam on Manhattan Island, 1651.
  • Pieter Schagen’s letter reporting the purchase of Manhattan by Pieter Minuit, 1626.
  • Poster encouraging Englishmen to settle in the Province of New York in America, 1738.
  • Front page of the New York Weekly Journal, November 25th, 1734.
  • Order by General George Washington to evacuate the City of New York, August 17, 1776.
  • Plans and drawing of “Fortress West Point,” 1780 and 1791.
  • Enlistment papers for the Detachment of Sea Fencibles, 1814.
  • New York Consolidated Lottery poster, 1826.
  • Poster advertising land for sale in southwestern New York, 1837.
  • Handbill advertising Schenectady rail and canal connections, 1834.
  • Posters depicting life on the Erie Canal.
  • Poster offering $10,000 Reward for William M. (Boss) Tweed, 1875.
  • Page from Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper, January 20, 1866, showing immigrants arriving at Castle Garden.
  • Manuscript of “The New Colossus” by Emma Lazarus, 1883.
  • World War I Poster: Uncle Sam by James Montgomery Flagg.
  • Photo Album ¾ Building the Empire State Building, 1930-31.
  • Strip of ticker tape from New York Stock Exchange.
Study Guide / Lesson Plan – Reproducible Activities and Response Key

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